This Was the Average Cost of a Wedding in 2020

Every year, The Knot Real Weddings Study reveals the average wedding cost and more official data per state. About 7,600 couples across the country, who originally set a wedding date  between January 1 and December 31, 2020, participated in the study. In 2020, COVID impacted just about everything across the wedding industry, including the average wedding cost and more prewedding related event costs. 

Nevertheless, the data still indicates a broader, industry-wide impact of the pandemic on the average wedding cost in America. Based on our respondents' answers involving spend on ceremony and reception, we were able to determine the 2020 national average cost of a wedding is $19,000, a drop from 2019's average wedding cost of $28,000. This number again accounts for the ceremony and the reception, and COVID, of course, has impacted both. The average wedding cost is typically influenced mostly by the guest count, the venue and the format of events, which have all been upended by the pandemic. Therefore, the average cost of a wedding in 2020 was heavily skewed. 

It'll Be the Busiest Wedding Year Ever, According to Our Data

The approximate average for couples' 2021 receptions is roughly $22,500, right on par with past spend on wedding receptions. In 2019, the average cost of a wedding reception per couple was $23,000. 

As with every year, keep in mind that the average wedding cost is just that: an average dollar amount, which has been calculated by combining the total cost of tens of thousands of weddings, then dividing that sum by the number of couples surveyed. For reference as 2020 has been a nontraditional inflection point in weddings, we also share complete 2019 Real Weddings Study data below. The average cost of a wedding in Florida is $30,600.00