Talk of the Town was created by a local Tampa Bay family who has lived in Tampa Bay for over 120 years. They have built 25 different businesses during that time. Working in the festival and entertainment industry has taught them a lot about the need of a company like Talk of the Town. A company that could bring the industry together between the vendors, venue and the client. As they worked in the industry they found such a vast difference in price but not quality or performance. After years of learning the ends and outs of the industry they decided they wanted to share what they had learned with their clients. Having serviced over 50,000 clients they wanted to create a company that would provide, create, offer, protect oversee and guarantee the best services to their clients


They began by researching local vendors and businesses from vendors, caters, venues, entertainment acts and companies, music groups, equipment companies, planners and decorators to find companies they could partner with to offer the best services to their clients. It is their belief the client should have the BEST the industry has to give no matter what their budget is. They are known for taking any budget and make the event a Master piece.

Talk of the Town is a One Stop Shop for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, concerts, fundraisers, festivals and more. We work with some of Tampa Bay's BEST venues, wedding planners, coordinators, photographers, catering companies, entertainment, live music, DJ's, party planners, destination wedding planners, fundraising and any celebration you need.


The questions everyone ask is: "How do I know who to hire?" Great questions! That's why we work with over 100 different venues, planners, cake bakery's, coordinators, caterers, bands, entertainment, and more SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE! We will help you pick from the BEST OF THE BEST!. You ask "who pays us?" NOT YOU! WE get paid from all the amazing partners and vendors we connect with.

YOU SEE WE WORK FOR YOU! We will negotiate, help plan, oversee the quality and MAKE SURE your event is a "TALK OF THE TOWN." You deserve the BEST! You deserve a MASTER PIECE! Challenge us with your Budget! Give us your DREAM! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 

Who's in control of YOUR EVENT?